Sesión gratuita de ezeetrader en Marbella Golf Club

ezeetrader at Marbella Golf Club


Next Saturday 13th February. 2 hour free seminar with Kym Watson and Kevin Burton showing you to trade in the profitable currencies market. As private online foreign exchange trader you could boost your income working just a few hours a week…


ezeetrader at Marbella Golf Club

Trading part time

More and more individuals want to start trading part time whilst still learning the ropes. This is an excellent idea as it allows an individual to focus on gaining consistency without having to worry about paying the bills from their trading accounts. For people here in the UK, the opportunity to trade the US markets in the evenings after they have come home from work is very appealing. In fact, that’s how Kym and Kevin started.

For people based elsewhere around the world, the currency markets certainly offer the flexibility of trading at literally any time of day or night. With the web based technology we all have at our fingertips, there really is no better time to get started in trading for recreation or for a living.

The key to successful trading is to firstly focus on risk, then risk and then risk again. Unfortunately, too many traders and investors spend their time focussing on potential profits when in fact they should keep their attention on managing risk. Kym and Kevin constantly say “focus on the trade setups and your risk management and the profits will take care of themselves.”


Attend our free Foreign Exchange seminar in Marbella. To be held on 13th February 2010 at the Marbella Golf Country Club

  • What is Trading – can anyone do it and is it suitable for me
  • How to sucessfully work on line
  • How to protect your trading capital
  • Benefiting for currencies with higher interest rates
  • Specific techniques to analyse the directions of a currency
  • Charting – How to spot profiable opportunities
  • How you can make 50€ to 500€ in a day

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