Why our greens look better than ever?

Say hello to our new acquisition to make your ball go straight into the hole:

The new GreensPro 1260 is the next evolution of greens roller. With enhanced features like the hydraulically driven drive roller the GreensPro 1260 reduces the maintenance required with the older chain drive systems. The GreensPro 1260 delivers exceptionally smooth and fast greens with a superior operator platform. The split overlapping, contour following smoothing rollers perfectly follow undulations delivering exceptionally smooth putting surfaces. The operator platform is fully adjustable for unmatched comfort and operator safety. The new transport system featuring a QuickLatch coupler makes transporting from green to green unbelievably quick and simple.

We will be using the greens roller once or twice per week on our greens. Our greens will be as smooth as a snooker table after just a couple of weeks using this wonderful machine.

See you on the greens!