The German’s Debut in The Gecko Tour

German golfer Maximilian Walz, perhaps against all odds but with great golfing ability, has entered the Gecko Tour which takes place in Marbella, specifically at Marbella Golf Country Club and Santa Clara Golf Marbella.

His debut could not have been better than at the Gecko Tour, with his encounters at Marbella Golf Country Club and Santa Clara Golf Marbella. The youngster improved his track record in the best round during winter in Europe through the final round that had been a brutal battle of nerves, with an unfolding not for the faint-hearted.

With respect to the competition, Gabriel Cañizares arrived at the last hole, the 18th at Marbella Golf Country Club, a stroke ahead of Walz and two on Carlos Balmaseda, a hole that would dictate the outcome of the tournament.

This film-like game still has one last and very exciting twist. Walz managed to get a priceless birdie, while Gabriel Cañizares finished with a painful double bogey that put him down to second position, shared with Balmaseda and the Englishman Sam Connor, the man with the best score of the day (68 shots).

Walz, who is 23 years old, finished with a total score of 209 shots, two better than Connor, Cañizares and Balmaseda and three less than Chilean Mark Tullo.

The magnificent winner had already competed in the European Tour, the Omega European Open of Switzerland in 2012, where he did not make the cut, although he left his footprint with a very impressive score of 69 shots and that was his first victory as a professional: “I am very happy; I want to thank my family and my team. I am very lucky to have a group of such great trainers around me”.

The main part of the tournament was on the last hole. Walz stated that it was very exciting: “it had been a real rollercoaster, with many twists and turns that no one knew who the leader was in the last hole. It could go either way, given that my friends, Gabriel and Carlos, had played so well. However, thankfully, at the end I won. I knew that I had to get a birdie and it went to plan.” He explained.

Walz also realised that his friend, Patrick Kopp, had recommended him to play the Gecko Tour, who curiously was a professional who prevailed in Rio Real and Atalaya.

The tournament had some spectacular moments, such as seeing two hole in ones. As difficult as it is seeing just one during a tournament, seeing two is outstanding. The first one was made by Carlos Rodiles on Tuesday, on the first round on hole 11 at Marbella Golf Country Club. “I hit a 6 iron 185 metres from the hole with the wind helping me”, he explained. The second was from James Need on Wednesday, on hole 3 on the same round: “I hi a pitching wedge 140 metres”.