Steven Jones takes home his first victory as a professional in Marbella


A great moment to make amends with the putter.

Steven Jones joined the winner’s circle of the Gecko Tour. The 24-year-old British golfer took home the trophy at the Marbella Country Club after beating Swedish golfer, Fredrik From, in the tiebreak. Another playoff. Another agonizing finale in the Gecko.

Jones and From ended up tying with 137 shots after two rounds of competition, with a total score of -7. The winner deserves all the credit in the world in taking home the victory. He finished with two birdies on the last two holes to go into the playoffs and shortly after, he won on the first hole of the tiebreak. Nerves of steel and the mentality of a seasoned professional.

Jones is 24 years old and he’s been on a quest to win in the Gecko for quite some time. He had a great start of the season, but as soon as winter break came, he seemed to have lost his touch. “Obviously I’m really happy. The key was my putt. I was doing really well until the long winter break, but in the last few tournaments I fell off a bit. In the last two days I made a few adjustments and it worked perfectly. Today I started putting really well again and I’m really content”, he assured after receiving his winner’s check.

It’s Jones’s first win as a professional. He had already won in a professional tournament in England, but when he was still an amateur, so it’s safe to say that he’s now broken the ice. “I decided to play in the Gecko because my trainer told me about it where I used to play, and the truth is he was spot on. It’s the best tour to play and train in during the winter. I wouldn’t be able to play now where I live”, he affirms.

Jones’ s plan after this victory is to continue playing in the Gecko until the end of the season. After, he’ll play in the EuroPro Tourschool, satellite golf tour in the UK, and the following year he’ll attempt to make the jump to the European Tour through the School. Step by step. Firm, solid grounds.

Jones and From finished with a three-shot advantage over a large pool of golfers who tied for third place: Oscar Bergman, Mads Vibe, Hastrup, Jack South, Jean Luc Burnier and Luke Johnson.

Text and image from The Gecko Tour