Pro-Shop – Best Titleist Bags 2022

When thinking about buying a golf bag, there are several key factors to consider:

Bag Type – Do you want a stand bag? Or a cart model? Stand bags tend to be lightweight and comfortable because they are designed to be carried. 

Cart bags tend to be larger and therefore offer more storage, whilst they are usually designed specifically for carts as well. 

Storage – Storage is important in golf these days because a good golf bag has to offer pockets for lots of different things whilst cart bags tend to have larger pockets. 

Waterproofing – If you live or golf somewhere that gets a lot of rain then this is a no-brainer really, get a bag that offers protection from the rain. 

Weight – Titleist make lightweight models across its range of bags because not many players want to use a heavy bag.

Looks – How do you want your golf bag to look? I think Titleist makes some of the best looking bags in the game and in lots of colors as well so just pick a model that you like the look of.

Budget – My final factor to consider is of course price. There are golf bags at every single price point so if you want to go for a premium cart model you can, or if you want a cheap stand bag you can also do that too.

Beatriz Jiménez 

Head Caddie Master