Our beginners golf must haves



It’s time to go back to the greens and for the ones who have decided to start golfing a few months ago we’ve decided to help you by putting together a “starter kit” to not forget some of the essentials when playing 18 holes.


Of course, there are many things we would take with us to the course (and we actually do) but here we have chosen our top picks:


1. Stay hydrated: if we are going to spend 4 to 5 hours on a golf course, we need to take with us at least something to drink or buy something in the bar until getting to the buggy bar or a half way bar for restock with cool drinks, sandwiches, fruit or chocolates.


2. Balls and tees: we think that just like you cannot ever have too many shoes, you can’t ever have too many golf balls either! We have chosen a soft ball from Srixon but you can use any ball recommended by your golf pro that will help you get a better ball sensation when hitting it with your club. Every ball has specific characteristics that will add to your swing that little bit to make the perfect shot. As for tees, there are plenty of options: plastic, wooden, with height control for a consistent hit, graduated and even funny ones with different shapes.


3. Ballmarker and pitchfork: even though you could use almost anything to mark your ball with, we prefer to use a proper ballmarker when on the green, and we like to check out what kind of markers the rest of our team uses! And the pitchfork is a must to repair the pitch marks and divots on tees and greens and as the rule says: we have to leave it in the same condition as we found it coming in.


4. Extras: it’s handy to have a stroke counter to keep track of how many times you have hit the ball on each hole. Also, the golf guide (strokesaver) gives you tips of how to play each hole. In case of a doubt, it’s good to keep in the golf bag the quick golf rules book.


5. Score card: you can use the classic printed score card or a digital one on your phone.