Original gifts for golfers


Summer is around the corner; golf trips are planned and with that comes the time to think about the perfect souvenir for our best golf friends. 

If your friend is a collector of a particular item then it’s a piece of cake. 

In case the friend you want to surprise (or maybe introduce him or her into golf) is not a collector don’t you worry, here you have the best ideas and original gifts for the perfect souvenir by friend category: 


  • The one that never finds a ballmarker when he needs it: 

Ballmarker, hat clip, pitchmark repair with ball marker, cap with ball marker, even a euro coin might work for him!


  • The one that has the golf bag pockets a bit messy:

Bags to organize everything with the logo club you visited.


  • The one that has to hide golf balls in the garage to avoid any judgement:

Balls, balls and balls. Any color, with sentences, limited edition, you choose.


  • The one that has everything: 

A voucher for his next visit to spend at the Proshop, a green fee voucher (remember we have available this summer the Golf Passport! Ask us for more information) or to enjoy a dinner at our El Olivo restaurant.


I hope these few ideas of, what you can’t leave any golf club without, have helped you. 

Which golf souvenir are you treating yourself to this summer?


Beatriz Jiménez

Head Caddie Master

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