New dishes on the Menu at our El Olivo Restaurant in Marbella


New Dishes on the Menu!


Salmon and Avocado Wrap with Yogurt and Dill Sauce 

This delicious new wrap has a delicate mix of lettuce leaves, smoked salmon, red onion, avocado, tomato, coriander, lime and our yoghurt sauce.

{gallery}Nuevo plato Wrap{/gallery}


Avocado and Prawn Tartar with Sesame Mayonnaise

A fresh dish for the summer, elaborated with avocados, cooked prawns marinated in lime, ginger and served with pico de gallo and sesame mayonnaise.

{gallery}Nuevo plato tartar aguacate{/gallery}


Grilled Salmon with Mandarin Butter and Confit Shallots

It’s time to give our salmon a little twist, this dish is elaborated with a grilled salmon fillet served with creamy roasted pumpkin, sautéed edamame and confit shallots.

{gallery}nuevo plato salmon{/gallery}