Monty’s Corner – Marbella Golf Course News August 2022

A warm welcome to you all, and I hope you are finding ways to stay cool in this heat. Fortunately, on the course we have been able to take advantage of the warm temperatures for the growth of our Bermuda grass.

For everyone that has been here playing golf, you will have seen how well our green on the first hole is coming along. The provisional green has worked out nicely and has made the hole just a little easier, and I am expecting to open the new green for play by the end of September. The layout has been slightly flattened offering us a few more pin positions, the severe slope on the left-hand side has been softened and is less extreme than before. On the 15th green we will be replacing the front half and opening for play the back half of the green after our maintenance week closure at the end of this month. The top half is now flatter and larger, offering more pin positions as well.

I have raised the blades higher on the fairway mowers, which will make the ball sit up a little bit more and give you a better lie. Hopefully, this will help your shots with your fairway irons. You will also continue to see more definition between the rough and the fairways, and I promise not to grow the rough too high!

Don’t forget the dates of our maintenance week closure which will be from August 29th to September 4th. I have made the decision not to undertake the second hollow core programme at the end of this month. However, the greens will instead be solid tined, with similar topdressing/fertilizing procedures that were also undertaken in May. The course will reopen for play on Monday 5th September. 

We are also continuing solid tining the tee boxes and putting fertilizer/sand on them for better growth on a monthly basis.

As you will have noticed, the Management Team has recently changed offices. I am now located at the very end of the hallway and Satu has moved in next to Sandra. In order for Francesc to be closer to the restaurant staff, his office is now nearer the bar, at my old workplace. Please remember we always have time for you all, if you have any questions.

Satu has done a wonderful job with our new website, which was launched at the beginning of this month. As you will have noted in the email that was sent to you recently, the members section user codes and passwords remain the same. Again, if any of you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Satu.

Finally, a quick reminder that the Club Championship is being held next month – 19th and 21st September. You will receive full information on the tournament in due course. And on behalf of the Club Captain Steve Cullen and the Management Team I would like to inform you that the Members Memorial Charity Tournament on October 2nd has been postponed until next year.

We continue to strive to provide an excellent golf experience while at the same time promoting camaraderie amongst our membership. Here at MGCC we want to ensure our club is enjoyable and accessible for our members, their families and guests.

Kindest regards,

Monty Bordelon

General Manager