Monty´s Corner – April 2024

Hello everyone! I hope that you had a nice Easter with your families and enjoyed your time together.

We have been very busy since the last newsletter which is always a good thing. We finally received some much-needed rain, which helped the region and our golf course. We are still nowhere near out of trouble with the water restrictions here on the Costa del Sol, but my team and I are managing this situation very well, and we already have put plans in place because this summer will be very dry and hot.
First up, please do not forget that the golf course and practice area will be closed from May 27th to June 3rd this year. We will be carrying out a major aerification to all greens and tee boxes and putting on at least an inch of sand on them as well. Remember, it takes time after this process for the greens to come back to 100%, so please don’t expect the greens to be rolling as they are now, one week after the maintenance work.
Hopefully you can see more definition of the fairways and rough as I have implemented a new cutting process of the fairways. As I have told you all before, I am trying to get more growth on the fairways now that the temperature has risen, and we are on the right path!
We have been rolling the greens once a week and the speed now is 10.1 on the stimpmeter. I know that sometimes they are fast with the wind, but I will try and make the holes bigger. I have no further plans for the greens for now, as I am going to let the rough grow just a little, so please make sure you keep your golf balls on the fairway!
In our Golf Shop we now have the complete spring-summer collection available. We have introduced some fresh new brands as well as our own golf shirts for women and men. Please check the article in this newsletter and come on in to get your new outfit for the season.
Our Bob Naify Trophy was a great success, as we celebrated the 30-year anniversary of the club. Thank you all for coming out and supporting us and contributing to a wonderful day, and congratulations to Roger Kemp for winning the cup. You can read more about the lucky winners in the relevant article in this newsletter. I am already looking forward to next year!

Finally, I am very pleased to announce, at the time of writing this article, that we now have 184 members at MGCC. This is incredible! It seems that our reputation is running like wildfire up and down the coast and a part of this is because of you, the members. You all make everyone feel welcome and I really do appreciate you promoting the golf club and looking after all the new members as well. The atmosphere here at MGCC is electric and getting better by the day.
Until next time, have a great spring and hit em´ long and straight.
Monty Bordelon
General Manager