Ladies Corner – September Spotlight

This month, the spotlight shines on one of our Interclub Ladies, who has been a real stalwart of the team this year: Edna Graneli.

Edna is one of our ‘ Spring Chickens’ (wonderfully matured ladies) and I asked her, outside of golf, what she is proud about, in her life? Here is her reply:

‘I grew up with my three brothers under rather humble conditions in a small city in Brazil. After elementary school my parents wanted me to get a job or become a school teacher. I had, however, much bigger ambitions. I left my hometown and moved to Rio de Janeiro to be able to get a university degree. But I had to support myself, so I had several jobs at the same time. Medicine was my first choice, but I could not stand the smell of blood, so I took up Marine Ecology instead. Microscopic algae was and is my subject. They have no blood!

“When working in Rio I met my husband, Ville, a freshwater ecologist from Sweden. We were both engaged in a WHO sponsored project to restore a polluted lagoon in Rio. I followed Ville to Sweden, became a PhD-student, defended my thesis, and finally in competition with 21 candidates from north America and Europe I got a professor position at the Royal University of Stockholm. I am quite satisfied and even proud of my scientific career, having had over 20 PhD-students who completed their thesis work successfully, many postdocs, plenty of research money, partly from the European Union, a lot of international collaboration all over the world and more than 200 scientific articles and books with my name . I have also been a member of two Swedish PMs Science Advisory board concerning future of Science in Sweden.” What a wonderful story Edna.

Back to golf, 3 of our ladies were invited to play in the Los Arqueros, Ladies Invitation Tournament on September 7th. It was a pairs better ball competition and was won by Julie Owen from MGCC and her partner Wilma Gemmel, from LA, with a fantastic 44 points! Well Done Julie!

Sheelagh Maloney

Ladies Interclub Captain