“Infantil, Alevin and Benjamin” Junior Andalusian Championship: when golf is a pure party

The “Infantil, Alevin and Benjamin” Andalusian Championship took place on Isla Canela and Nuevo Portil golf courses this past weekend of the 8th and 9th July 2017. The show has now finished and the future of golf, the young champions, that in years to come will be playing golf and perhaps winning the tournaments, or perhaps not, perhaps turning into golf professionals or perhaps not, did all a great job.

We have players of excellent quality, but that is not the most important thing from the Junior Tournaments. The best thing is to be able to watch how well the boys and girls played, the friendships they made, the healthy rivalry between them, the spirit of the sport, and above all, that for them golf is a game and it is fun.

We would like to thank the two courses that hosted the event. The preparation of the two Huelva courses was excellent and the treatment they have given the tournament and the players sensational. Once again, we need to give Isla Canela and Nuevo Portil an outstanding grade for their performance.

As to the players, as this was an Andalusian Championship, congratulations must go to Arian Rodriguez and Julia Gil, the youngest absolute winners in the “Benjamin” category, as well as they must go to Daryl James Henry and Valeria Ramirez, who finished in second place. The winners of the handicap draw were Daniel de la Serna (from Marbella Golf Country Club) and Clara Jimenez.

In the “Alevin” category, the overall victory went to Luis de Miñon Garcia and Violeta Fernandez, who finished just in front of Alvaro Gomez de Linares and Lucia Martin Cabrera. Whilst the winners in the Handicap “Alevin” category were Juan Melida and Beatriz Rodriguez.

Finally, the “biggest ones”, the “Infantil” category, Daniel Casas and Marta Lopez took the victory. In second position were Angel Ayora and Ana Amalia Pina and the champions by handicap were Antonio Jimenez and Ainhara Espinosa.

The prize giving was a great party, which was attended by the President of the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation, Pablo Mansilla, as well as Fernando Pacheco, the President of the “Infantil” Committee of the Federation, Jesus Calvo and Miguel Angel Ares, the main referees, Juan Carlos Carretero, director of Nuevo Portil and Kotska Horno, manager of Isla Canela.

On the list of winners of the “Infantil, Alevin and Benjamin” Andalusian Championships, the names of great figures from national and international golf are featured such as Mario Galiano, Maria Parra, Alejandro Cañizares, Azahara Muñoz or Belén Mozo.

Congratulations to Daniel on behalf of Marbella Golf CC!