El Olivo Restaurant – April 2024

Discover the new flavors of this spring at El Olivo Restaurant! We’ve crafted a selection of unique cocktails inspired by the vibrant landscapes and aromas of our golf course. Come and enjoy them on your next visit to our club.

El Olivo: New cocktail designed for our El Olivo Restaurant, inspired by the green hills of our golf course. It includes Irish whiskey, whipped cream, crème de menthe liqueur, and fresh mint leaves and olive leaf for decoration.

Pink Panther: Sweet and fruity cocktail prepared like a piña colada but with vodka and grenadine.

Rusty nail: Classic cocktail served “on the rocks” with Scotch whisky, Bourbon, Drambuie, and lemon.

Sweet Temptation: Sweet cocktail with rum, Amaretto, Baileys, coffee liqueur, and whipped cream spray.