Captain’s Corner – MGCC News

Dear Members of MGCC,

Three plus months as Captain and here we are already into a new year!

In that time thanks to the efforts of members, management, and committee, the camaraderie and the atmosphere around the club has been fantastic. MGCC offers several different membership options, which have been very successful in acquiring new members. 

I continually hear on the terrace compliments of the improvements and the condition of the golf course from the members and visiting golfers. On the other hand, Francesc and his staff provide five-star service with top quality food for all members and guests.

The new committee are committed to listening to members, taking any concerns along with their own to the management, making sure competitions and social events are run to the best of their ability. The objective of the committee is to make golf an enjoyable time for all the members.

Thanks to all involved, the membership is flourishing, weekly competitions are attracting as many as 32 players, social events are well attended and, most of all for me, there is a great friendly atmosphere at the club. As a Captain I’m enjoying my position, so my sincere thank you to you all for making that possible!

The men had their 1st Interclub match against Miraflores in January with the outcome being an honorable draw. We have 2 more Interclub matches scheduled – against El Chaparral later this month and against Cerrado del Aguila in May. And other matches are being looked at for additional dates. Please be advised the schedule of the Interclub matches is posted on the members interclub board or you can come and ask me anytime.

Future Members events to look forward to include the St. Patrick’s Day and the Bob Naify Trophy in March. And at the time of sending this newsletter I am hosting my first Captain’s Day Tournament. 

Thank you all!

Les McGlasson

Marbella Golf Captain