Captains Corner – December 2023

Along with more new members and returning members from their summer visits to other places our weekly Monday, Wednesday and Friday competitions have been quite busy with 30 participants or more almost every day since the end of September, which is great to see and very welcome.

As you know, Clapphouse is the only way to sign up for these competitions and signing up must be done before 2pm the day before the competition. The organiser (either myself or our Vice Captain Jan Zadruzynski) is sent the list at 2pm and has to arrange the groups that afternoon so the groups are published later in the afternoon on the app and the Caddy masters print your personalised scorecard showing your current handicap, which hole you’re starting on and at what time (9:40 or 9:50). The digital score cards are also sent by email. Because all this organisation, that happens the day before the competition, it’s very difficult, sometimes impossible, to accommodate anyone at the last minute so the 2pm deadline the day before is cast in stone. For the same reason, it’s very important to cancel your booking, through the email confirmation you received, as soon as you know you can’t play and only phone the Caddy masters on the day, if it’s a last-minute emergency. That frequently requires the organiser to rearrange the groups and the Caddy masters must reprint lots of scorecards, which is double work. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Captains Day Tournament, on October 20th, was a great success with over 40 golfers and over 60 for the lunch and entertainment. Before the tournament I did my Drive In to start officially my Captaincy. Both in ladies’ and men’s category the winners and the runners up had 37 points and positions were decided by the back 9, so it was very close! Petra Lauk won the Ladies’ Trophy with Eliis Naro in second and Cesar Olmo won the Men’s Trophy with Les McGlasson second. Congratulations to all!

The Ryder Cup Tournament, on the other hand, was held on November 6th and 8th and produced a very exciting finish. The Captain’s team was 1 up after the first day and then the first 4 singles matches were decided in favour of the Captain. All the other matches were then decided in favour of the President, so the President’s team ended up winning by 12 to 9. Congratulations to Steve’s Team!

The Men’s Interclub matches are starting again. This month we are playing against Los Arqueros and in January against Miraflores. Also, the singles and doubles Matchplay / Knockout competitions are starting to be played. You can check the Members Board for any updates on the interclub matches and the Matchplay competitions.

On a sad note, a long time and very popular member, Maxine Hobson, has passed away recently. She will be sadly missed, and our condolences go to her family and friends.

I look forward to seeing you all soon again,

Roger Kemp

Club Captain