2016 World Champion One Armed Golfer plays Marbella Golf


On the 29th March 2017 we had the pleasure to have the 2016 World Champion One Armed Golfer, Robert Paul, playing Marbella Golf CC together with his friends. Robert won the title in June 2016, at Craigielaw, Scotland.

Robert Paul also belongs to the Society of One Armed Golfers, a registered charity in England and Scotland founded in 1932. The formation was initially for golfers who had lost an arm in World War 1, but over the years has evolved and now includes golfers who have lost the use of an arm through conflict, road or industrial accidents, birth defects or neurological reasons. The society inspires people to continue as normally as possible with their lives after a traumatic loss of an arm or its use. Their criteria in golf is that every shot must be played using only one arm and without the use of prosthetics or other aids.

We wish you all the best Robert and hope to see you soon again at our course.