Ist Golf Tournament for players without a handicap in Marbella Golf

Golf Tournament Marbella Golf


One of our Twitter friends (Thanks @JaviLarr ;D) asked me once if we had any activities for those people who are starting to play golf but still do not have a handicap.  I replied that we offered nothing for this group but to continue with the golf academy as a student.

A few days later, after meditating a little more about this question, I realized that golf can be an intimidating sport to start and it is frustrating if you can’t play on a course without a handicap.

Here at Marbella Golf Club we are particularly open to new initiatives, so it was not difficult to take this idea and make a  decision to organize the First Golf Tournament for players without a handicap.

We quickly found a sponsor that understood the importance of promoting this sport to this particular group of players who have just begun their journey into golf, and they are GOLF USA.  And with their help, it is  a pleasure for me to present to you the following tournament:

Golf Tournament Marbella Golf


I sincerely hope that the brave who sign up will have a great day and will help them to love this wonderful sport.

Antonio Conde

Director Comercial

Marbella Golf & Country Club{jcomments on}