Gecko Winter Pro Tour visits Marbella Golf & Country Club

Gecko Winter Pro Tour visits Marbella Golf & Country Club

Gecko Winter  Pro Tour visits Marbella Golf & Country Club

Next Tuesday 13th and Wenesday 14th March, Gecko Winter  Pro Tour  visits Marbella Golf & Country Club . Open Tournament.

Join the Professional Golf Tournament, Gecko Winter Pro Tour. The tour will be a stepping stone for any professional who has the desire to further their careers. The tour aim is for every professional to play competitive golf with the rules of golf always being observed.





  • Tour Membership is open to all Professional Golfers
  • Membership is mandatory for Professional Golfers wishing to play any Tournament on The Gecko Winter Pro Tour from January 2012
  • Players should follow the Membership Application process as described in the section JOIN GECKO.
  • The Gecko Winter Pro Tour must be in receipt of the appropriate Membership payment before a player can enter any Tournament
  • No refunds will be made
  • The Gecko Winter Pro Tour reserves the right to refuse any Membership Application

Tournament Entry

  • The Gecko Winter Pro Tour is open to all Professional Golfers and Category 1 Amateurs.
  • Members are given priority over Amateur players.
  • Members who have played in more than 5 previous Tournaments are given priority over all other players.
  • Entry to each Tournament will be on first-come/first-served basis.

Tournament Field

  • The Field size is limited and will be subject to the restriction imposed by the course management.
  • The maximum Field size will typically be 120 or 156 players.

Tournament Format

  • 36-hole Stroke Play over 2 days in 2 or 3 balls.
  • Rules governing Tournament play are the current R&A Rules of Golf in addition to the local rules of the host club as approved by the Tournament Director.

Tee Times

  • Tee Times are communicated by text to players on the day before the Tournament commences.
  • Every effort is made to satisfy the individual requests of players for a specific Tee Time.
  • Tee Times on Day2 will be determined by the leaderboard, with the leading players going out last.
  • Players must report to the Tournament Starter each day at least 10 minutes before their confirmed Tee Time.

Tour Schedule

  • The Gecko Winter Pro Tour schedule will run annually between September and April.
  • Tournaments that form part of the official Tour Schedule are shown under «Tournament Schedule» on this site

Prize Fund

  • The Prize Fund at each Tournament, hosted between January and April 2012, will provide guaranteed, minimum prizes of €3,000 for 1st Place, €800 for 2nd Place, €400 for 3rd Place and €150 for 4th Place.
  • In the event of a tie, the result will be determined by a sudden-death play-off. All runners-up will be deemed to have come second and the place money will be divided equally between them.
  • All prizes will be paid out immediately following the end of each Tournament.

Order of Merit

  • The Order of Merit leaderboard will be determined by a Place points table as shown under «Order of Merit» on this site
  • The 2011/12 Order of Merit commences on November 1, 2011 and will run until the penultimate season-ending Tournament that takes place on April 13-14,2012.
  • In the event of a tie in points, the points earned in the Tour Championship Final – played in April 2012 – will determine final rankings.

Tournament Entry Procedure

  • Tournament Entry Procedure and payment is via the «Enter Tournament» section on this site
  • Entries must be submitted and payment received at least 2 days before the Tournament commences
  • Since the field size is limited, entries will be accepted on a first come/first served basis.
  • Members will be given priority over Amateur players when entries exceed the field size of the Tournament.

Tournament Entry Procedure (Pro Am only)

  • Same as above for Members (Professionals) and Category 1 Amateurs.
  • All other players must confirm their entry – at least 2 days before the Tournament commences – by email to , providing full name, handicap, personal email address and mobile telephone number.
  • All other players will receive an email confirmation whether their application has been successful.
  • Successful players will receive a text confirmation of their Tee Time on the day before the Tournament commences.

Tournament Registration

  • Players must register with the Tour Office at each Tournament at least 20 minutes before their confirmed Tee Time.
  • Failure to register may lead to the player being withdrawn from the Tournament. In such circumstances, no refunds will be made.

Tournament Withdrawal

  • Players who provide at least 48 hours notice of their withdrawal will receive a full refund of their Tournament Entry Fee.
  • No refund will be made if a player provides less than 48 hours notice of their withdrawal.

Player Responsibilities

  • All Tournament players on The Gecko Winter Pro Tour are required to strictly conform with the current R&A Rules of Golf.
  • All Tournament players are expected to respect the etiquette demanded of our sport. Bad behaviour and poor sportsmanship including disrespect towards fellow players will not be tolerated and may lead to disqualification from the Tournament at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director.
  • Players are expected to ensure speed of play. Slow play is deemed to occur when a flight is more than one hole behind the flight ahead of them and for which there are no mitigating circumstances in the opinion of the Tour Referee. The Tour Referee will rule whether penalties should apply for slow play.
  • Players must submit their signed and checked scorecard to the Tour Office immediately upon completion of their round each day. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification from the Tournament.

Player and Caddy Attire

  • Correct attire on the course is mandatory at all times.
  • The wearing of jeans and collarless shirts is not permitted. Members (Professionals) are not permitted to wear shorts.
  • Players are responsible for ensuring their caddies adhere to correct on-course attire.
  • Caddies may wear tailored shorts and should only wear trainer-style footwear not spikes.

GPS/Laser Assistance

  • The use of GPS/Laser equipment is permitted although any such aid that provides slope information is strictly forbidden.

Mobile Phones

  • Use of a mobile phone
  • is strictly forbidden during Tournament play other than where an exceptional local rule permits;
  • strongly discouraged during practice rounds, on the driving range or on or close to the short-game areas.

Suspension of Play

  • In the event of the suspension of play due to adverse weather conditions – signalled by 1 long blast on the klaxon or horn – then each player should mark their ball and then seek the nearest area of shelter.
  • Resumption of play will be signalled by 2 long blasts of the klaxon or horn.
  • Should play be suspended for any other reason – signalled by 2 short blast of the klaxon or horn – then each player has the choice whether to mark their ball or finish the current hole.
  • All players must then report immediately to the Tour Office.
  • Players must await instructions from the Tournament Director before play can resume.

Course Unfit for Play

  • Should Day 1 of a Tournament be cancelled due to adverse weather, then the Tournament Director in consultation with the Course Director/Local Golf Director will decide whether or not the course may be in a condition for play on Day 2.
  • All players are required to be present on Day 2, in time for their allotted Tee Time, should the Tournament Director decide that play may be possible. Players who fail to appear on Day 2 will be considered to have withdrawn from the Tournament and no refund will be made.
  • The entire field must have completed 18 holes for a Tournament to be considered staged.
  • In the event that the entire field has not completed 18 holes, then a full refund will be made.

Please note: The Tour Referee has the final say in any decision made on the golf course during Tournament play. Issues arising from any other decision – not on the golf course – will be addressed by the Tournament Director.


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