July 2 – Letter from the Captain

Logo Marbella Golf and country Club, Malaga, Spain


Logo Marbella Golf and country Club, Malaga, Spain

Marbella, the 2nd July 2010

Dear Members,

The new season of Interclub matches will soon be with us and as a consequence I as the outgoing Captain need to organize next year’s fixtures. Although those of us that played in this year’s events have enjoyed the fun and competition, it is true to say that we have not competed with our sister clubs. We have not been able to field a complete team of members all year. If we had not had the support of the Marshals & Management, we would have had a maximum of 8 players and on one memorable occasion only 5!

I therefore need your help before we commit the club to giving us 12 free tee times & free buggies for the opposition every time we have an Interclub event.

I have suggested to some of the opposition Captains that we should:

(a) reduce the team to 8/10

(b) Allow higher handicaps to participate

-font-family: Tahoma; mso-ansi-language: EN-GB;” lang=”EN-GB”>(c) Drop the lunch following the match & therefore reduce the cost per head

Most clubs rejected all of these suggestions. Whoever is responsible for running the Interclub in the future, should it continue, needs a great deal more support from the members in the coming years if this delightful event is to be allowed to continue.

I value your comments Gentlemen.

Best regards,

John Drinkwater