School has also started at Marbella Golf

Have a look the Junior Golf School for the 2014/15 Season at Marbella Golf Country Club Academy.

We offer three basic golf programs:


Characteristics of this golf program:

1. Number of students. Reduced groups between 3 and 6 kids what allows the students to improve faster.

2. Timetable. There will be groups every day and the lessons will be of 1 hour.

3. Levels. Groups will be made according to age and level of play.

4. Exits to the golf course. This kind of groups play in the golf course at least 1 a month.

5. Competitions. There will be a competition every month for the players that already have their handicap. For the rest of the students at least one each 3 months.

6. Level test in October, January and June. During this year I will implement a level system to see how thw kids improve during the year.

7. Prices. 1 KID 50 EUROS – 2 KIDS 90 EUROS – 3 KIDS 120 EUROS.

8. Special rate for 2 hours a week. To incentivate that the students have a more intensive golf course and play more often the price for 2 hours a week will be 70 €.

9. Recovery of the golf lessons. In any case you cant come to one of the lessons the kids can come other day to recover and not to lose the rhythm during that month.


Characteristics of this program:

1. Number of students. Groups of 10 students. This kind of golf school is mainly for beginners but all kids are welcome.

2. Timetable. Saturdays in the morning.

3. Levels. Groups will be conformed according to age and level of play.

4. Exits to the golf course. This groups have a lesson in the golf course at least once each 3 months.

5. Level test in October and June. To check the improvement of the kids.

6. Price. 60 euros/3months. If you start the 20th of September first payment will be 70 euros.

7. Final competition. The students at the end of may beginning of June will have a individual competition.


Lessons personilized for the needs of the player. These programs can be for 1 person or a small group. If you are interested, please contact us and we will adapt a schedule for you.


If you need more information or you want just to inscribe your kid you can send a email to or call +34 647 437 883 and contact with Ángel. In case you send and email please tell me which kind of program you are interested in and the best hours for you to attend the golf lessons.

Thank you very much and looking forward of seeing you.

Ángel Ibáñez