Marbella Golf Annual Green fee Survey Statistics

Golf and accomodation packages

Marbella Golf Club shares the information of a study about golfers’ preferences. The survey has been done to identify the preferences of golfers who visit the Costa del Sol, to develop a variety of services and activities tailored to their customers’ needs. The decision to share the information is part of a new management strategy, more open and interactive, which this golf course in Marbella is developing since last year.

Although the survey has been done by means of a short questionnaire, the width of the sample, in which golfers from over 15 countries have participated, has led to some interesting conclusions about the aspects that golfers appreciate most.


Marbella Golf Clients Profile

• People from more than 15 countries have participated in the Survey.


• 96% have accepted to be emailed with commercial purposes, so it shows that they are interested in the golf course info and not only in the reward that the Marbella Golf & Country Club was offering.


• The average handicap of the entrants had been between 12 and 18 (64%) followed by the ones with more than 24 (21%).


Handicap results


Preferences to Golf in Spain

• The preferred days to receive special offers during the week are Monday and Friday.



Preferred days to Golf in Spain



•The quality of the Golf Course was voted by a 93% overall as the most valued point, on the other hand only a 10% was interested in the quality of the  Buggies.
Golf prefrences to Golf in Spain


Products & Prices

• The interest in golf+accommodation is widely distributed, although the group which is not interested is a bit bigger with a 56% of the total.

Golf and accomodation packages
• Golfers seem to prefer long term memberships with the golf courses, although the flexibility of the monthly also makes it interesting.

Golf Memberships in Marbella





• People don’t want to play alone… The 2 Green fee + buggy offer continues being the star.


Golf products in Spain



•May be we could have jumped over this question…
Golf price in Marbella, Spain


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