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Hello, I hope all of you have had a great time during the summer. School is back and also I am conforming the group lessons for kids. So please contact me to this email or to my telephone number 647437883 if you need any extra information about the courses or just to book your course.

The characters of the courses for the kids are:


  • 1. Reduced groups. Between 3 and 6 kids, if by any reason the groups are bigger the time of the lesson will also be increased.
  • 2. Timetable. I am conforming the groups at the moment but will be lessons on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays , Saturdays and Sundays.
  • 3. Levels. I will try to make the groups by levels and ages.
  • 4. Exits to the golf course. Every month I will do at least one lesson on the course .
  • 5. Bimensual Competion. We will make every two month a competition just for the members of the school. This year most of the competitions will be individual.
  • 6. Bimensual practice afternoon. The month there is no competition I will prepare the school and will stay there while the kids that are interested can come and practice.
  • 7. Price. The price of one month is 50 euros coming one hour a week. This year I am going to have special rates for the kids that would like to come more times during the week also for the parents that has more than one child. If you are interested just contact me. 2 kids is 90 , 3 kids 120.
  • 8. Level tests. In December and June.


As you can see the new aspects that are included in the golf program are the level test and bimensual practice. The level test will be a guide for all of us to see the improve of the young athlete golfer. I will have a system of hats of different colours depending on the level of the golfer. This hats are not absolutely necessary and they will be paid by the parents. Al so once each two month when there is no competition I will prepare the school for the kids so they can come and practice, also bring his friends or show his parents what they do during the lessons. I will be around to help and explain everything you want to know about the develop of the young golfer.

Thanks for everything. Looking forward of hearing about you. Please send this information to any person you know that can be interested.

Angel Ibañez


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