Irwin Mitchell Abogados seminar on Employment and Tax Law

Irwin Mitchell Abogados


Irwin Mitchell AbogadosIrwin Mitchell Abogados is delighted to invite you to our seminar on Employment and Tax Law. Please see below for further details on the event.

Irwin Mitchell Abogados collaborates with the British Chamber of Commerce on Employment and Tax seminar. Our seminars will provide you and your business with practical advice you can use to support you through these difficult times. Learn ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ to get ahead in the new financial year.

Tax Management in Times of Crisis

In this seminar, we will give a practical overview of all the relevant situations that could appear during this economic period and show that the use of the corrects tools or proper tax planning could suppose an essential advantage for the entrepreneurs and companies.

This session will be led by Emilio Perez, Abogado, specialist in tax law.

Labour Adjustment Formulas in Times of Crisis

In this seminar we will explain, from a practical point of view, some legal tools available which have been approved by the Government to deal with the current economic crisis.
This session will be led by Francisco Garcia, Irwin Mitchell Abogados’ head of Employment Department.


Date: Thursday 25 March 2010
Time: 10 am arrival, 1 pm finish
Refreshments will be provided
Location: Marbella Golf & Country Club
To reserve a place for this event please contact Joanna Newman at or +34 902 150 105 –