Improvements on the 3rd tees completed

We are pleased to announce the completion of the newly reformed Men’s and Pro’s tees on our Par 3 3rd hole. This was instigated by the movement of the earth underneath the original tees allowing us the opportunity to take action and address the continuing problem of the tees being too small for the annual number of rounds played on our course.

We decided to enlarge the tees by cutting into the hillside behind the Men’s and by lowering the Pro’s tees by about 3 meters providing more area for both tees. We also built two retaining walls, one below the Men’s tees to prevent any further earth movement and one below the Pro tees and behind the Men’s tees to prevent the hillside from slipping. A new shade resistant type of bermuda grass, called “Celebration”, was used to turf the new tees.

The new grass has already had two shape cuts made and are settling in nicely. We plan to open the new tees for play before the end of August, in time for the next high season.

We hope everyone who visits us in the future enjoy the new tees on hole 3.