Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting arrives at Marbella Golf

Bridgestone Golf Fitting

Bridgestone Golf Fitting

Friday 19th November. This Friday, between 10 and 18:00 hours, the Bridgestone Ball Fitting Challenge will take place at our Driving Range. The sessions are free of charge. There is a list on the Members’ board for signing up.

Bringing the Golf Tour Experience to You!

Take your game to the next level by participating in the Bridgestone Golf Challenge. As with golf clubs fitting, ball fitting can guide you to a golf ball that maximizes your performance from tee to genn through optimizing your ball speed, launch angle and spin rates. The Same Technology that we use with Tour Professionals to find the right golf ball is now available for you!

Bridgestone Ball fitting arrives to Marbella Golf

Using a sophisticated computer system, the Science eye, allows us to enhance your performance in a complimentary session. Take the Bridgestone Challenge and find the golf ball that fits your game.

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Brigestone Golf Ball