Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting


tiger2We had the pleasure to host Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting at Marbella Golf on Wednesday the 27th January. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t perfect but some of our members had the possibility to try the following fitting process:

– With their driver, they hit a series of shots with their current golf ball of choice

– Based on their ball flight characteristics, the technician confirmed them they were playing the right ball or recommended a Bridgestone / Precept ball that better suited their game

– After hitting a series of shots with the recommended ball they received a side-by-side comparison of all data allowing them to determine which ball can maximize their performance with their driver

– Then they hit a series of shots with a mid to short iron with both golf balls

– After hitting the shots they were able to compare launch angle, spin rates and distance to have a better understanding of how the ball performs going into a green.

Later on this spring we will be hosting again the Bridgestone Ball Fitting at our Club, so we will keep you updated on the dates through our website.

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