13th Hole. Marbella Golf Club

A slight dogleg left to right. Be aware of the large water hazard on the left from the tee shot and with the approach shot to the green.


Robert Trent Jones Snr. said:

“Short of the pro’s target, the fairway is widened to give everyone else a bigger area [for] the tee shot”


Golf Guide


HCP 0-9: A driver off the tee then a fairway wood to the green. The cautious play is a driver to the center of the  fairway followed by a 7/8 iron and a wedge onto the green.

HCP: 10-18: A drive through the gap aiming to the right hand side of the fairway keeping left of the fairway bunker. A 2nd shot with a fairway wood / long iron to find the centre of the fairway. This will leave a short iron / wedge into the green.

HCP: 19+: Driver, keep to the right hand side of the fairway. Your 2nd shot will be a fairway wood / long iron down centre of the fairway. Be aware of the water to the left. 3rd shot is a short iron into the green.


Green: A large receptive green, narrow at the front but opening out to the rear. Protected at the front left by the water hazard and 2 right hand greenside pot bunkers.


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