10th Hole. Marbella Golf Club

New par 4 with a good bunker in front of green.


Robert Trent Jones Snr. said:

“A bunker [should yield] a punishment of up to one stroke, but no more than that”




Golf Guide


HCP 0-9: A full blooded driver need and beware of pulling the shot left into the stream. The second shot will be a easy nine iron into a elevated green beware of going long

HCP: 10-18: Play more the right towards the pine tree with a Driver this will leave you with a nine or eight iron into the green.

HCP: 19+: Be conservative and play a three wood to the right of the fairway. You may not get to the landing area but beware of the stream to the left. You will need a mid iron to make sure you reach the left side of the green.

Green: A small narrow green with a lot  of movement and well protected by a front bunker.  I must to get the length not so much on direction.