Graham Moore

Graham’s Philosophy

Graham MooreGraham Moore is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading golf coaches for all levels, especially focusing on talented juniors Graham invests his time coaching many as yet undiscovered talented newcomers.

His straightforward approach is based on the philosophy of simplifying the fundamentals of the golf swing and its construction and clearly focusing on key areas of the game. From experience at all levels, Graham has recognized that players need consistency and that this is best achieved by simplifying aspects of the game that can often become over complicated.

Graham Moore

Graham also insists strongly to the importance of the short game and focuses heavily in this area. Simplifying key areas of the game and using specific improvement techniques to overcome specific weaknesses are among many of the aspects of the game that are reviewed, developed and practiced with all his coaching.

Graham firmly believes that: “A good coach helps a student to help him or herself” & “Champions are trained, not born”

Graham has also always believed that golf is a game for everyone to enjoy. So, rather than working with only the top touring pros, his philosophy is to accommodate any golfer with the desire to improve. Graham continues to work with very talented players, but his passion is to accommodate any golfer with the desire to improve. His students have made careers in the professional golf world. His amateur students enjoy the game and have fun.

His outgoing personality and record with players globally help make Moore one of the most popular teachers in golf. His pupils, amateur and professional alike, cite his quick eye, his focus on major faults and his ability to communicate in simple language, several ways if necessary, as the skills that underpin his reputation.

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