Natural face lift technique

Yoga Classes at marbella Golf Club

Yoga Classes at marbella Golf Club

New in Spain: Natural face lift technique at Marbella Golf & Country Club

Using the natural facelift technique invented by Stanley Rosenberg to soften your emotional trails left behind by life, it gives you a younger and happier appearance. It is a relaxing and gentle treatment that simultaneously lifts both face and spirit.

The need for exercise and staying in shape garners a lot of attention. But since we regard each other’s faces as the most important feature when it comes to making first impressions. A face we perceive as happy, relaxed and harmonious is more attractive than a tired, grumpy or unhappy one. This is why I have chosen to focus on this area of personal wellbeing.

Tension in the connective tissue causes wrinkles. As we get older, ‘everything goes south’ and our skin starts to cling to the muscles in the same way as clothes can stick to our bodies. This reduces elasticity and blood circulation.

It is an incredibly relaxing and gentle treatment – and the results speak for themselves. The course of treatments consists of six one-hour sessions normally spread over a period of one to six weeks. Each treatment starts with an analysis of the skin and the underlying connective tissue. I then work deep into the approximately 100 muscles in the face, scalp, neck and upper part of the shoulders.

“Have you just returned from holiday?” and “You look so happy!” are some of the typical comments my clients receive after the course of treatments, which, by the way, is suitable for all age groups and for both men and women. The technique can also help people with scar tissue and partial facial paralysis.



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